Software Application Development

With over four decades of experience delivering applications on time and budget, we have proven to be a reliable outsourcing partner for tech companies and leading enterprises. We deliver full-cycle software development services in large scale public websites, cloud development and migration, and business enterprise applications.

How will you navigate the choices in today's development environment?

Genesis Professional Group has seen considerable change. Change is the only constant on which we can depend. As we are well aware there are significant changes occurring in the  application development space today. Is your current plan able to withstand these changes?

Cloud? Which Cloud? AWS? Azure? Google?

Microservices or Serverless Functions? Both?

React or Angular?

.Net, Java, or Javascript?

What about Go or Rust?

Relational Database or Document Database?

Onshore or Offshore, maybe Nearshore?

Can you afford to roll the dice?

As much as we would like, there is no silver bullet.

Our experience guides you through the changes

We start by identifying the scope; in other words, draw a box around the problem. Then we break that box up into smaller boxes and prioritize by importance and complexity. We can then plan the effort and identify the skill sets required. Upon approval, we start executing the plan and continually review the current goals of the plan with the current needs of the business, ruthlessly making necessary adjustments.
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