Blockchain Technologies

Genesis Professional Group offers a suite of services designed to enable your blockchain aspirations.

Our experienced team will support application enablement with blockchain technologies to extend the reach of business opportunities. We provide services from consulting to software delivery, building on state-of-the-art permissioned, and permissionless blockchain technologies. From value transfer to smart contracts, data authenticity to identity, Genesis Professional Group can add a digital trust fabric to your business-critical systems.

Digitial Trust Fabric


Blockchain Solutions

Genesis Professional Group will help navigate your blockchain solution. Leverage our extensive experience delivering applications across multiple industries to add both value and trust to your solution.


Secure the delivery of digital designs through the inclusion of blockchain technologies. Use blockchain technologies to transact digital information as needed, automate access, deliver just-in-time design detail, and remit payment, while ensuring positive control over the pedigree of your product.

Supply Chain

Apply blockchain technologies to support a holistic view of your supply chain. Provide participants with a boundary-less, real-time view of the system state, enabling viability, assessment and action. Out maneuver your competitor with operational excellence.


Maintain authentic and immutable compliance records with a blockchain. Catalog individual events, actions and processes to ensure successful, automated compliance to various regulations. Provide traceability to auditors and regulators without reveling your data or process.
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