Gary Davidson

Gary Davidson

Managing Partner
Application Development, Robotic Process Automation

Gary Davidson, a 40-year technology veteran, is a Managing Partner of Genesis Professional Group and oversees the Application Development and Robotic Process Automation practices. Before joining Genesis Professional Group, Gary enjoyed a long career spanning many companies and diverse technologies.

Known for his ability to deliver, four startups tapped Gary to lead technology and build the development teams that went on to their see their exit strategy fulfilled. Gary's experience includes work for many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Kroger Digital, Office Depot, General Motors, PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Research Triangle Institute, and the U.S Department of Commerce.

Gary recently completed a Robotic Process Automation project for a major accounting firm that performed 110% faster and reduced headcount by 450% compared to the previous system. At Kroger Digital, Gary revamped the development process, streamlined the development pipeline, and over 18 months tripled the offshore team's productivity by implementing a bespoke culturally aware Software Development Lifecycle. Gary drove the technical implementation of a 6 million-dollar CRM technology project at the Department of Commerce.

As the first technology hired at the startup, Interclick, Gary designed and implemented the ad delivery engine while constructing the development team prior to Yahoo’s $270 million acquisition. At that time, the system received and analyzed 1.5 billion data points and served 200 million ads each day with the highest gross margin in the industry. Interclick's nearest competitor had a 250% higher headcount in their development group.

After studying English literature at Tennessee Temple University, Gary gave up a promising career as a poet to devote himself to a life of ones and zeros.

Dr. Ben Beckmann

Dr. Benjamin Beckmann

Managing Partner
Blockchain & AI

Dr. Beckmann is a Managing Partner at Genesis Professional Group. He is responsible for the engagement, planning, and execution of a portfolio of blockchain and artificial intelligence projects that support our customers’ business-critical needs.

Dr. Beckmann has experience working in academic, industrial, and start-up environments to both propose and produce state-of-the-art solutions that transition whitespace opportunities into daily use business applications. His work led multi-national organizations to introduce ITAR compliant cloud computing environments, global engineering, and design democratization platform, and machine initiated proprietary information transactions. Dr. Beckmann’s work has been funded by multiple Fortune 500 companies and federal organizations, such as General Electric, DARPA, and NASA.

Dr. Beckmann’s work is motivated by a desire to understand interactions among individual entities in complex virtual, cyber-physical, and social systems. His research has focused on evolutionary pressures to form communities and mold behavior, resulting in more than 30 refereed publications, 15 published patents, and $14 million in federal funding. He has been an active contributor to multiple open-source software platforms, and his work has been the focus of articles in Manufacturing Magazine, New Scientist, O’Reilly, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Beckmann holds a B.S. and M.S. from Western Michigan University and a Ph. D. from Michigan State University, all in Computer Science.

Robert Kalacinski

Robert Kalacinski

Data Management

Bob Kalacinski is a Partner at Genesis Professional Group with over 22 years of data collection, management, and analysis experience. He is responsible for Data Management projects, and with a foundational knowledge of Enterprise Data Architecture and information frameworks, he delivers executable and sustainable data solutions to our clients through vision, strategic planning, and architecture.

Mr. Kalacinski was previously a solution architect and implementor in the telecom, cable, and financial industries. His work involved the realization of enterprise data models and the implementation of foundational data frameworks to support innovative data architecture. He accomplished this utilizing data virtualization and other integration technologies to springboard his clients to more mature data management and utilization in their organizations.

Mr. Kalacinski is a United States Air Force veteran and a distinguished graduate from Fort Leonard Wood Engineering School. His first assignment to Grand Forks AFB is where he began his love affair with data as a GIS Specialist, Surveyor, and Draftsman. After four years of multiple deployments, accelerated promotion, and providing essential engineering and analysis support to a prestigious mobile strategic planning team, a USAF contractor enticed him into supporting Garrison GeoBase (GIS) initiatives.

Mr. Kalacinski started his civilian career as a GIS specialist. He quickly moved into the GIS Coordinator position for Arnold Engineering and Development Complex, where he ultimately ascended to the Garrison GeoBase Manager at Wright-Patterson AFB. While continuing his education in database technologies, he was responsible for the governing, implementation, and sustainment of GIS data projects, standards, and FTEs across nine installations while sitting on multiple steering and working committees supporting DoD data standards. Embedded in the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), he spent a year in Iraq where he provided essential GIS and Information Architecture consultation to DoD, US Department of State, Iraq Ministries, and the Baghdad local government.

Mr. Kalacinski has been involved in several startups and technological initiatives. He provided application, data, and visualization integration with cutting-edge, advanced underground surveying.

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